A former silver mining camp, Silverton now attracts people seeking a different kind of treasure - Epic ski slopes, breathtaking mountain views, and the quintessential western town with shopping, dining and nightlife.

Silverton Mountain

A mountain that will challenge the most advanced skier, Silverton Mountain offers a truly unique experience.  It is listed as the highest Ski Area in North America and the steepest with numerous lines to ski in all directions.  The peak is registered at 13,487' and features a desirable terrain with bowls, chutes and cliffs.  Avalanche gear and a guide is required.  For more information about the mountain - CLICK HERE 

Dining & Nightlife

The options for dining in Silverton are wonderfully diverse.  For a full list of where to grab a bite - CLICK HERE.  As for nightlife, we recommend Montanya Distillery or any of the local saloons you can find on the list - HERE.